Mini Footgolf

Brand new course! We are excited that our brand new 9 hole course is now open, Mini Footgolf! This course will be perfect for showing your putting skills, or for those that feel our Footgolf course is maybe too long for them. Distances are ranging from the 20 to 30 yard mark. We have redesigned the original footgolf course which has meant 3 holes have been moved to be able to fit the Mini Footgolf course to the side of the field. The price for the new course will be £5 per person and there will not be a booking system for this course so you will be able to turn up and wait your turn. Looking forward to seeing everyone try it!

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Who are we?

Scarborough Footgolf has three 9-hole footgolf courses- a conventional Footgolf course with a total yardage of 814, Adventure Footgolf which is a tactical course with obstacles through woodland, and Mini Footgolf with holes ranging 20-30 yards to practice your putting or if you'd rather play a smaller course. Our courses are dedicated solely to Footgolf and perfect for all ages and abilities!

Where are we?

Killerby Lane,
North Yorkshire
YO11 3TP

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Scarborough Footgolf