About Footgolf

Scarborough Footgolf has three 9-hole footgolf courses. The conventional Footgolf course covers a 10 acre field and is a dedicated Footgolf site not developed from an existing golf course.

Adventure Footgolf is a tactical course with obstacles through woodland, a bit like crazy footgolf!

Mini Footgolf is our third Footgolf course. It is the perfect size for those who want to practice their putting skills or for those that find our original Footgolf course too big!

Scarborough Footgolf provides challenge and fun for couples, families, groups and teams of all ages.


Scarborough Footgolf is affiliated to UK Footgolf who have advised on the layout of both courses to give the most enjoyment and challenge.

Please note that dogs are not allowed on the FootGolf courses. We have seats and picnic tables on the sidelines where you and your dog can sit and watch the game.

Book a Picnic

You can book picnics or BBQ’s after your game of Footgolf. We also offer Birthday Parties.

You can order a take away picnic from us. Book your picnic and pay in advance by clicking on the link below and it will be ready for you at the end of your game 

Book a take away picnic

Who are we?

Scarborough Footgolf has three 9-hole footgolf courses- a conventional Footgolf course with a total yardage of 814, Adventure Footgolf which is a tactical course with obstacles through woodland, and Mini Footgolf with holes ranging 20-30 yards to practice your putting or if you'd rather play a smaller course. Our courses are dedicated solely to Footgolf and perfect for all ages and abilities!

Where are we?

Killerby Lane,
North Yorkshire
YO11 3TP

01723 671738
07519 189411

Scarborough Footgolf