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 Do I have to book? How do I book to play? 

We recommend booking in advance as the course is likely to get very busy at certain times. To book a round with us you can either book online or alternatively call us on 07519189411.

 Can I bring my own ball?

You may bring your own footballs to use on our course. We do also have size 5 footballs that are available to use for those who would like to.

 What footwear can I play in?

Football boots and blades are not permitted on our course. We would encourage the use of trainers or astroturfs whilst going round our course.

 What is the length of the footgolf course?

 The course is roughly 820 yards in length. There are a range of holes varying from around 65 yards right up to 130 yards to challenge all players

 What is the dress code for Footgolfers?

Although some will choose to wear golfing/footgolfing attire, this is not a strict requirement to play. We encourage you to play in whatever feels most appropriate and comfortable to fully enjoy our course.