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There are not many rules to follow and the game is regulated by the players so there is no need for a referee. The first, most important rule is to kick the ball from the tee along the fairway onto the green and into the hole in as few kicks as possible.

The layout of the course is similar to a golf course. The course is roughly 820 yards in length. There are a range of holes varying from around 65 yards right up to 130 yards to challenge all players.

rules image
  • You have a scorecard with a map and a par for each of the nine holes. Each player writes down the number of kicks he has played for each hole.
  • Each player has a different coloured size 5 football which is provided so that the balls are easily identified for each player. Younger players can play with size 3 or 4 footballs.
  • Football boots with studs or blades are not allowed. Players must wear trainers, astroturfs or strong shoes.
  • Each player takes it in turn to kick their ball and players aim towards the hole as a group.